Who am I?

Welcome to my never-ending design project, my portfolio! I'm a product designer based in SF who studied information science at Cornell university.

I spent summer 2020 at Facebook as a product design intern. I became more involved in design after taking a course at Cornell called "Designing Technology for Social Impact."​

I love solving problems, coming up with awesome solutions, then sometimes discovering I was wrong, and going back to the beginning to solve the issue from a new perspective.  To me, design is like a game. A game which we can play with forever! A solution to a (design) problem will only be temporary, it will have to be solved again from a new point of view. Allowing us to play with it forever.

I aim to learn from a diverse group of people, changers, influencers who love tackling challenges, share how to love others, and stay in bed with my dogs for as long as they allow me to. ​I've been a curious learner ever since I can remember, tackling many areas of study from biology to creative writing to finance to design. I aim to look at various directions to solve user's problems.