side project | fall 2020


Providing a community for your people, easily integrated into your website

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Product Design Intern | Summer 2020


Improving offsite application experience for 90M monthly active job seekers

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Project team | Fall 2019 - Fall 2020


Designing the improved para-transit experience for Cornell students

in progress
UX Design Intern | Summer 2019


Designing new team mentorship module suitable for 40+ universities

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Design Associate | Spring 2019


Designing the payment experience for data-informed urban gardening application

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Side Project | Spring 2019


Improving communication and handoff between designers and developers

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Project team | fall 2018

Queue Me In

Redesigning the logo of Office hour management system for Cornell

In progress
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Hey ya,

I'm Aiden.

๐Ÿ‘‹ Currently based in SF, I'm an incoming product designer @Facebook. I studied information science @Cornell University. Recently, I have been up to 3D design with Cinema 4D Lite and creating instagram filters with Spark AR. Feel free to email me or set up some time to chat!

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