Summer 2019, I joined StartupTree as a UX designer and designed front-end features for its leading web platform for university entrepreneurship. Mainly utilizing design applications such as Sketch and Invision, my main project during the summer internship was designing a new Team Mentorship feature, redesigning the admin dashboard, and envisioning the new user platform suitable for 50+ universities

Duration: Jun 2019 - Aug 2019

Results: Website Prototype, Wireframe Flows, and High Fidelity Designs.

Design Tools: Sketch, Adobe Illustrator, Principle for Mac, Zeplin, and invision,

My Role: Research, User Testing, Visual Design, and Rapid Prototyping.

Designed "Team Mentorship" Module

Re-Designed the Admin Dashboard

Envisioned Version 2.0 of User Platform

Created High Fidelity Mockups and features to be implemented

throughout the platform

My Experience

I learned about who I am as a designer and what means to be a designer. My first on-site internship as a designer ensured me that this path is the one I want to pursue further. It allowed me to practice and apply what I have been studying, especially user research, user experience design, and user testing, to impact users throughout the country.

I learned how to use and adjust different design processes to successfully deliver a product, prioritize different user values for many stakeholders, appreciate valuable user feedbacks from real-world clients, and how to work with other engineers.


If I have a chance to restart my past summer internship, I will definitely ask for more communication with the engineers and product managers to deliver the best product possible. Designers and engineers have different values in mind, and it is the designer's jobs to clearly communicate every decision. Based on what I learned from this internship, I want to learn more design tools and principles to be able to solve more problems in the world.

Due to signed NDA, I cannot disclose the full case study here. Please contact me to learn more about this project!

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