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✍️ Hey, I'm Aiden.
I'm a product designer building human-centered experiences to positively impact people's lives. I am currently studying Information Science at Cornell University.
I'm from VA, but my 💙 is in Seoul, South Korea.
Previously, I designed at...
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Product Design Intern | Summer 2020

Improving offsite application experience for 90M monthly active job seekers


Web Design | Fall 2020

Providing a community platform for your people, easily integrated into your website


Web Design | Fall 2019

Providing easy access to resources for new product design students


Product Design | Fall 2019

Allowing students more affordable living style through lending and borrowing


Product Design | Fall 2019

Designing the improved para-transit experience for Cornell students


UX Design Intern | Summer 2019

Designing new team mentorship module suitable for 40+ universities


Design Associate | Spring 2019

Designing the payment experience for data-informed urban gardening application

Queue Me In

Rebranding | Fall 2018

Redesigning the logo of Office hour management system for Cornell

Recently, I have been also up to...✌️

Learning 3D Design

I am learning 3D Design through Cinema 4D Lite! Cool 3D projects coming soon.

Game Design: Rekindle

Spring 2020, I participated in developing a game as a UX designer.

Instagram Filters

I have been learning Spark AR to create filters for Instagram!

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